We provide quality waterproofing solutions in Wanaka, Queenstown and surrounding areas for:

  • Flat roofing & internal gutters
  • Tanking areas, footings, underslab and retaining walls
  • Green roofs, warm roofs and specialised systems
  • Decks and balconies
  • Internal wet areas
  • Landscaping features

Design & Planning Consultation

We understand which membrane will best suit your project in terms of product specification, style and budget. We are keen to be involved from the start to help you chose the best option which may avoid changes, delays or frustrations at a later point.

Services 5 Queenstown Drainage Mat installation and backfilling for Tanking Waterproofing roofing services Watertight Systems Wanaka New Zealand

Drainage Mat Installation & Tanking Backfilling

We can supply and install a range of products for the drainage and protection of tanking membranes. We can also oversee backfilling to ensure that the materials are installed correctly and that water drains away from the structure, this is crucial to the performance of the tanking membrane.

Substrate Requirements

To ensure that the substrate is built to best practice and to comply with the building code & warranty requirements we provide a substrate checklist early in the game. The earlier this consultation is carried out the better as it may prevent any problems when it comes time for membrane application.

Membrane Protection

It is vital that all membranes are protected after application whilst building work may still be going on. We will advise you and your builder on the best ways to do this.


On completion of the job we provide a warranty for each membrane that we have installed. In most cases there is a 15 -20 year product warranty and a 5 year workmanship warranty however timeframes can vary in some cases. Please check the warranty period for your chosen membrane prior to application.

Product Application

Quality workmanship is our #1 focus. We aim to have the job done to the highest possible standard.  We have systems and training in place to ensure that you get the best finish possible.

Roof Maintenance Programme

Roofing and balcony membranes should be regularly inspected and cleaned in order to comply with warranty conditions, and also to get the best life from your membrane. Most warranty conditions specify that the membrane must be inspected by a certified applicator every 1 to 2 years.

Autumn and winter are the best time to carry out inspections as falling leaves can often cause blockages.

Inspections cost $399 + GST. You will receive a written report to add to the warranty and care records. We will quote for any work that may need to be carried out.

Book an Inspection